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Brondi Borer

New York, NY

Over a year ago, I developed excruciating heel pain. My heel pain was running my life. I chose Dr. Positano because so many of my friends (and my doctor) recommended him so highly. It is important to me that he is affiliated with HSS because I know the hospital is highly regarded. I was impressed with Dr. P's non-surgical approach to treating foot problems. He urged me to follow his plan for treating plantar fasciitis: stretching, icing (religiously), office treatments ("shock" and ultrasound to my heel). The treatments were great. Every time I walked out of his office, my heel felt a little better. I am not a compliant or patient patient! It took me a while to get the message that if I truly wanted to get rid of the heel pain, I had to commit to his treatment plan and not expect immediate gratification. I did. The bottom line is that I am now pain free. I am 63 years old and I get out of bed in the morning and my heel doesn't hurt anymore! I am super active and wear heels again. Dr. P. is a warm, understanding, funny, and VERY smart doctor. He helped me come to accept that healing a heel takes patience and persistence. HSS is a great hospital and they are lucky to have Dr. Positano. Most of all, I'm so fortunate he was able to help me.