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Brittany Boyd

Berkeley, CA
  • Brittany Boyd in the photo 1

I was so excited for the 2017 season with the New York Liberty. I was entering my third year and was ready to be a full-time starting guard. In just the second game of the season, I fell to the ground coming off a ball screen and felt a pain in the back of my ankle like someone had kicked me. I tried to get up and walk and immediately knew something was wrong when I couldn’t put any weight on it. Dr. Jo Hannafin took me back into the locker room and determined I had completely torn my Achilles tendon.

Within two days of my injury, Dr. Hannafin performed surgery on me to repair my Achilles. I had developed a great relationship with Dr. Hannafin during the first two years of my career, so I was comfortable going into surgery. I started rehab a few days later and knew it was going to be a long, grueling nine to twelve-month recovery period.

It was tough to watch my teammates practice every day as I was rehabbing. Dr. Hannafin did a great job of pushing me and keeping me motivated during my recovery. I got back on the court just over a year after my surgery and only missed the first two weeks of the 2018 season. I am thankful for all the work Dr. Hannafin and my trainers put in to help me get healthy.