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Britt Norris

Freeport, NY
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After years of chronic hip pain, I was finally properly diagnosed at HSS with a hip deformity that caused impingement, lack of mobility, and labral tears. At 45 years old, I felt more like I was 90, with too many limitations on my desire for an active lifestyle. I had always loved hiking and gardening, long walks on the beach, all of which had become unimaginable. Dr. Sink did a thorough evaluation and promised he could help me with surgical dislocation, modification of the abnormal bone structure and repair of the soft tissue damage that had occurred. I put my trust and faith in him and the team at HSS and I am beyond thrilled with the results. Now, not even three years later, I have not only made a full recovery, but am back to hiking and doing all the activities I loved doing in my 20s. I have found paddleboarding as well as a whole new set of outdoor adventure activities. Most recently and remarkably I hiked a 25 mile section of the Appalachian Trail through Connecticut over three days, camping out two nights, carrying a 23 pound pack of all my gear up and down thousands of feet of elevation changes! Thank you so much Dr. Sink and the whole team. You gave me my life back! I feel even better than before I started experiencing hip pain 10 years ago.