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Bridgette Kearns

Patterson, NY
  • Bridgette Kearns in the photo 1
  • Bridgette Kearns in the photo 2

I need to start out by saying before I ever met Dr. Debbi, I had a right (2002) and left (2010) total knee replacement. The right knee had severe scar tissue and required manipulation under anesthesia two times. My right knee replacement had 2 infections a few years apart. Both were treated, at the time with an arthroscopic washout with antibiotics, inpatient hospitalization for a few days and antibiotics for about 3 months. My right knee was never right after this. Eventually, it came to a point where I was needing a cane or walker. I had a revision of right total knee in 08/2021 at another facility. The incision opened requiring more antibiotics. I did all the PT, but the pain never improved. I kept trying to go back to the doctor to try and improve my situation, but nothing worked. When they suggested I see a pain management specialist, I thought they could offer some type of procedure that might help. All they came up with was a very potent pain patch that with insurance would be $400 per month. I never fulfilled this due to expense and it was NOT an answer to my problem. I went to work every day as a full time nurse in a very busy office with a cane.

I finally decided that I had to go to HSS and see what they could offer. I read the doctor profiles and Dr. Debbi’s background of having a doctorate in biorobotics, biomechanics and mechanical engineering in addition to his expertise in knee revision surgery is initially why I made the decision to see him. From the very first meeting, he looked at my x-rays and said he could see why I was there. This was so reassuring to me after being told for two years the x-rays looked great.

Dr. Debbi was very careful in his work to be sure that infection was not currently active. He was very honest about the potential for all complications and what some of the potential plans would be if those complications came up. He made me very aware that this was going to be a very complicated 2nd revision surgery. He answered all my questions. He advised me that a BMI that was as close to WNL’s would be the best way to keep this new knee healthy. His approach was always kind and informative. His office staff is always very helpful and easy to work with. I mainly had contact with Stephen and Pricilla.

I had my surgery on 06/02/23 and everyone at HSS during my 3 day stay could not have been better. The pre-op and post-op visit staff were also exceptional. Dr. Debbi was very careful in how my post-op care was advanced and all instructions were very clear. I returned back to my job on 08/02/23 for the first time in 2 years without a cane. I can’t tell you how much easier it is to be a nurse when you can walk pain free without a cane. This summer for the first time in about 5 years, I could walk as much as I wanted on our vacation. I will be forever grateful for Dr. Debbi’s skills, knowledge, and bedside manner.