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Brian S.

North Wales, PA
  • Brian S. in the photo 1

After I graduated college, I was aware that I was ACL deficient in my left knee from a pickup basketball game injury in college, but decided to not pursue the surgical route and I tried Physical Therapy instead. It wasn’t until my knee started “giving way” in my early 30s that I realized something needed to be done. I did my research and found out about Dr. DiFelice’s innovative approach to save and preserve the ACL at HSS. I went in for an ACL augmentation in my left knee and the results were outstanding. Dr. DiFelice was able to use 50% of my existing ACL and augmented it with an allograft along with the Arthrex internal brace. My recovery process was smooth and the healing process was much quicker compared to the traditional ACL reconstruction route as noted by my independent physical therapist.

Right before the Covid-19 pandemic, bad luck struck again as I had a slip in the shower and injured my right knee, which was the opposite knee that I had operated on by Dr. DiFelice at HSS about 9 months prior. I had an MRI, and the results confirmed a complete ACL tear in the right knee. I was quick to call Dr. DiFelice’s office and he was very accommodating to schedule me in for surgery within a few days. Dr. DiFelice performed the same approach used in my previous knee surgery with the ACL augmentation and allograft option anchored by the Arthrex internal brace. Again, the results are outstanding and I could not be more fortunate.

Overall, I am very pleased with the results in both of my knees under the care of Dr. DiFelice, PA Robert O’Brien, and the whole surgical team at HSS. Dr. DiFelice’s knowledge and innovative approach to the ACL is “cutting-edge” in the world of orthopedic and trauma surgery. Dr. DiFelice and the entire HSS staff are not only the “best in the game” from a surgical perspective, they have excellent bedside manner along with state-of-the-art facilities at the various ambulatory surgical centers where my surgeries were performed. I highly recommend Dr. DiFelice for any of your orthopedic needs.