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Brian Phillips

New York, NY
  • Brian Phillips in the photo 1

Dr. Creighton was kind and clear with diagnosis and treatment and provided excellent care overall. He treated a 17-year-old patient with great respect and was also willing and to answer any questions parents had in a most patient manner. He teamed up with amazing team in Rehab - Ioonna Felix and ultimately Chelsea Long once back was strong enough for performance training. Ioonna created an in person and at home rehab plan for sports specific play. Progression was carefully assessed and adjusted depending how body responded. Throughout, Ioonna was empathic, nice and professional. Calm and helpful during any minor setbacks. Chelsea moved treatment along once body was ready to really get back to tennis play. There was steady progression with varied and interesting exercises and clear at home plan to go along for sports specific play. The entire team at HSS was amazing and allowed Brian to return to sport he loves and even try out and become a US Open ballperson. He has an ongoing healthy stretching and strengthening regiment that will allow him to stay strong and active. Thank you all!