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Brian Hoey

Auburn, NY
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I had been an avid multi-sport athlete and active person growing up and I played 2 varsity sports in college at the D3 level (lacrosse and golf). After college, I was experiencing severe hip pain and I had no idea what it was from. I never had an injury before. After seeing some local doctors and PT professionals in the area who were having trouble pinpointing my problems, I was fortunately hooked up with phenomenal doctors in the Philadelphia area at first. At the time, I was checked out for a sports hernia. I was then referred to Dr. Bryan Kelly at HSS in Manhattan, NY. He immediately diagnosed me correctly via MRI that confirmed I simply had a lesion on my femur bone in the socket of my hip that was causing tears in the labrum. It had nothing to do with anything I did, just a defect from birth that finally caught up to me with wear and tear. I agreed to do the surgery in 2013 at age 26. I am now 32 and have no issues whatsoever. I can continue to play recreational sports and work out without any pain. I was basically back to normal in about 5 months time with physical therapy. Less than a year after my surgery, I won the Cayuga County Men's District Golf Tournament where I live in Central New York. I owe everything to Dr. Kelly and the medical staff at HSS. Any time I hear someone with having pain or thinking about seeing an orthopedic doctor for any sort of major surgery or diagnosis, I recommend them going to HSS 100% of the time. It is the best orthopedic hospital in the country with the best doctors.