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Bob Fischer

Mechanicsburg, PA
  • Bob Fischer in the photo 1

I am an avid golfer and in 2008 I was having difficulty when bending over to place a tee in the ground or mark my golf ball on the putting surface. After going to many local physicians with no success, I finally went out of my hometown and had a reconstructed CT scan done on my right hip. The radiologist contacted me and informed me that I had multiple spurs, an acetabular impingement and a torn labrum cartilage in my hip. The radiologist gave me 3 recommendations of orthopedic surgeons to contact. After doing much research on all 3, I decided on Dr Kelly. After contacting his office I was instructed to send all of my images to him for review. Within two weeks I was contacted by Dr Kelly. He informed me of his findings and stated that I was a candidate for hip arthroscopy. After further imaging with Dr Kelly, I scheduled my surgery for 11/2/2008.

At the time of my surgery I was 51 years old and in very good condition and my goal was to get back to golfing pain free. The hip arthroscopy surgery went well and was a success. I did everything Dr Kelly recommended which included PT. I completed my PT and was scheduled to see Dr Kelly a few days after my completion. The day completing the PT I was having difficulty standing. When I arrived to see Dr Kelly I was back on my crutches and we both thought it might have been tendonitis. Dr Kelly said, we will get an X-ray and get you on your way. Unfortunately, my hip was fractured just behind the ball of the hip on my femoral neck. Dr Kelly immediately summoned his partner, Dr Dean Lorich, to exam me. I was admitted to HSS and open reduction internal fixation was performed to save my hip and the excellent surgery previously performed by Dr. Kelly. The spring of 2009 I was back on the golf course playing golf pain free. Drs. Kelly and Lorich followed me for 5 years to make sure my hip was stable. Dr. Kelly is the best and kindest surgeon I have dealt with and I am grateful to have chosen him for my surgery. Thank you