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Bob Arnot

Stowe, VT
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In 2007 I was unable to walk further than 2 blocks and even then with severe pain. I looked like an old man on his last legs! In researching a new operation called the Birmingham hip resurfacing, I called an inventor, a British name McMinn. "I'm coming over to England to have you operate," I said. "You don't need to," McMinn said. "We have someone just as good if not better than us at HSS, Dr. Edwin Su." I sought him out immediately. Dr. Su had an incredible bedside manner, was always available and just as good as the operations inventor. One of the few surgeons in the world capable of doing two hips at the same time, I emerged from the OR with both of mine restored to better than new. Fast forward to this weekend, I'm competing in my sixth stand up surfing world championships. This is the most grueling waterman event on earth covering 32 tortured miles with swells running as high as 20 feet and wind gust hitting 40 mph. At age 70, I'll be the oldest ever to attempt the crossing, but thanks to Dr. Su and HSS I feel like a 25 year old kid. I compete in 24 stand up surfing races, 14 Nordic ski races and 6 ski mountaineering races. Since then, as a physician, I have referred over 100 patients to HSS. I tell my patients, 99% is not good enough when it comes to your mobility - 100% is the bar. I tell them that I have looked at the stats, and HSS simply has the lowest complication rates of any major orthopedic service or hospital and amount the best clinicians on earth with the best outcomes. Thank you HSS for giving me my life back and thank you Lou Shapiro for all the wonderful assistance you have rendered to so many of the patients I have sent to HSS.