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Blair Stearns

New York, NY

I visited with Dr. Pellicci after discussing my condition/remedy with a number of other physicians outside of HSS. As a very active (relatively young) adult, I needed to know I could return to living my active lifestyle. Dr. Pellicci's professionalism and calm demeanor (with a slight hint of dry sarcastic humor) was what I needed to make the right decision to have him and his team perform my THR procedure. The first surgery was to replace my left hip. The surgery, care and recovery were greater than I could have imagined. Within a year I returned to racing mountain bikes. The next season I "podiumed" at the USA Cycling's National Championships (placing 5th overall).

It was without question that Dr. Pellicci perform my THR on my right hip when it unfortunately degenerated. The same incredible outcome in terms of the surgery, care and recovery. Within 10 months I was back to racing mountain bikes, placing 5th overall in my first race.

I cannot say enough at Dr. Pellicci, his amazing team and HSS in general. I've learned Dr. Pellicci is soon retiring. I wish him the very best in his next chapter.If it weren't for his skill, attention and (again) dry sarcastic humor, I'm unsure I would be a active or as "alive" as I am today. Hats off to you, Sir.