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Bill Klinzing

Stillwater, MN
  • Bill Klinzing in the photo 1
  • Bill Klinzing in the photo 2

Prior to my surgery I walked with a severe limp and had trouble putting on my shoes. Getting in and out of my truck and even sleeping was uncomfortable. On March 8, 2019, Dr. Su performed a BHR on my right hip. The procedure has allowed me to return to all my daily activities and hobbies with no pain and no restrictions. Before surgery I could not even reach down and put my hands on the barbell to do a deadlift. Now, only 8 months later, I am deadlifting 315x5 with ease. I am also able to kick in martial arts training as well. My performance is improving each day as my body continues to heal. It is wonderful to be out of pain and enjoying all my hobbies once again! Thank you Dr. Su, Cameron, Jesse and the nurses and staff at HSS for restoring my health!

Dr. Bill Klinzing (age 55)