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Betty Leef

Waterville Valley, NH

I sustained a low impact ski injury in early 2018, which resulted in some big time problems for me. I had a very unstable and painful knee that buckled and resulted in falls at any time. My back injury made finding a comfortable position almost impossible. As a nurse educator myself, I knew that HSS was the place to get treated so I could get back to the active lifestyle I had always led. Drs. McCarthy and Hung helped me do just that. These doctors understood that age is just a number and were more than willing to work with me to restore my pre-accident health. After a series of epidural injections, Dr. Hung made it possible to get my back pain under control and now virtually nonexistent. From the very beginning, I was an integral part of the team approach to help myself get better. Dr. McCarthy made it clear how very important it would be for me to engage in vigorous physical therapy both before and after surgery. She also assured me that she would do everything in her power to be sure I had a stable knee post surgery. I could not have been more pleased with the care I received from everyone at HSS. I followed her directives to the letter and 4 1/2 months post ACL and meniscus repair, I was given clearance to ride my bike again. On my first ride, I happily pedaled 12 miles with no pain or discomfort. I anticipate many other “firsts” in my future as I continue to heal. I highly recommend both Drs. McCarthy and Hung for their professionalism and care.