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Bernard E. Clair

New York, NY
  • Bernard E. Clair in the photo 1

On September 20, 2019, Dr. Su replaced my left hip. On December 8, 2017, he had replaced my right one. Yup, wear and tear is something else – although I shouldn’t have been that surprised: I played ball (mostly lacrosse from the age of 8), went on to college (Adelphi) on an athletic scholarship, and became an All American in lacrosse in 1969, [yup, I celebrated my 68th birthday this past May]. After college I continued to abuse my body with triathlons and a somewhat insane workout regimen. Both hip replacement procedures were, as far as I’m concerned, a work of art. Dr. Su (and his staff) never pulled any punches, and he was actually present when I needed him the most. Because I was really motivated, in 2017 and 2019 I was discharged from HSS on the same day as my operation. This last time, I was back at work by the second week; I gave up my cane about 18 days after my operation; and on Monday, October 21st, at my one month follow up visit with Dr. Su, he told me that I could skip the 3 month checkup and return after one year! I am really blessed to have been in good shape (for my age) before knife touched my skin (yes, anterior approach for both procedures), but as importantly, I have been blessed by Dr. Su’s expertise, experience, and all around professionalism. See you at the 2020 New York City Marathon!