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Benno Schmidt

Brooklyn, NY
  • Benno Schmidt in the photo 1
  • Benno Schmidt in the photo 2

*Videos courtesy of Mr. Benno Schmidt*

I came to see Dr. Haas as HSS when moving back to NYC from South Florida in 2012. I am a former tennis player and arthritis runs in my family.

I was getting increasingly bowlegged as my condition progressed, particularly in my left knee. I grew up playing tennis on hard courts and the damage was severe. I was so bowlegged my dad kidded he could throw a basketball between my knees with my ankles together!

I felt relaxed and secure with Dr. Haas and never felt rushed to have the total knee replacement. He was easy to talk to. I explained that I have type 1 diabetes and a long history of anxiety and medicating with alcohol. Even though I had stopped drinking ten years before my surgery in 2015, Dr. Haas and others appreciated knowing anxiety could be an issue in recovery and my immediate post-op. (It wasn't, but they were glad I brought it up).

Dr. Haas was never dismissive - he didn't interrupt - and being a former news anchor and reporter, I talk a lot! He explained why my condition would worsen, and why I was not a good candidate for a partial knee replacement.

Everyone in my family loved Dr. Haas - my older sister, who came with me to surgery, as well as my wife. He felt like a friend, not an intimidating ivory tower academic or surgical maestro that didn't have time for people. Not at all.

Dr. Haas also explained what I could expect tennis-wise after surgery, and to do the rehab as best as I could. I listened.

I was a little fearful of getting addicted to the pain pills and explained that to Dr. Hollomon, who worked with Dr. Haas and reviewed my history. I had covered a lot of athletes as a reporter who became addicted to pain pills after surgery.

At HSS, people checked up on my pain and anxiety levels after surgery and I was glad I told them about my history.

I am playing tennis again! It helps with my anxiety and my diabetes control. The tennis is different now, but I am just so glad to be able to play at all.

The greatest thing I can stress about Dr. Hass and HSS: I will probably have my right knee done replaced as well. I know what to expect, and that I will be in the best hands in the world when the time comes.

I produced a video series about getting back on the court and keeping up with my son Charlie in thanks to Dr. Haas and HSS.