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Benjamin Trachtman

New York, NY
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I was ice skating on a class trip in December of 2016. I fell on my arm and broke it. I went to the hospital in an ambulance. I was a little scared. All of the people at the hospital were really nice and made it a little bit easier for me.

While they were treating me, they discovered that one of the bones had broken through the skin a little bit which made everything more complicated. I had surgery to clean and repair the bones. I had two metal plates put on the bones and spent 3 nights in the hospital.

I was miserable and worried that I wouldn't be able to ski that winter. By February, I had healed enough that Dr. Fabricant said I could ski. I had fun on our trip to Stowe, Vermont. Because I spent the winter sitting around and eating... I gained a few pounds and was a little out of shape.

By the time summer rolled around, I had played soccer in the spring, was swimming again and had a great summer! I made the swim team this fall, I'm back on the basketball court, and can't wait for this year's ski trip.

Thank You Dr. Fabricant,