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Benita Somerfield

New York, NY
  • Benita Somerfield in the photo 1

A badly broken second metatarsal in my left foot was examined, x-rayed, and MRI'd by a number of different doctors, all of whom recommended surgery as the only way for it to heal properly. I didn't want surgery for a variety of reasons, e.g., my job as Executive Director of the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy had me shuttling back and forth from New York to Washington, Houston and Kennebunkport on a regular basis and I did not want to be laid up recuperating from surgery. Thank God I found Dr. Positano, who "booted" the foot and then, after sufficient healing had taken place, evaluated my condition and prescribed orthotics--two different sets, one for my sneakers and one for "business shoes." This was 8 years ago, and I can now walk, pain-free, from the east side of Central Park to the west! I see Dr. Positano for regular check-ups and he's made adjustments to my orthotic prescriptions over the years, as my foot has changed. I wear my orthotics both indoors and outside. And...I couldn't be happier with my ambulatory abilities!