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Ben Spier

Port Washington, NY

I hurt myself while playing tackle football in seventh grade for my middle school. My parents were worried about me getting a concussion and began taking all necessary steps to prevent me from getting a concussion. These steps included getting a top of the line helmet that no one else on the team had as well as reinforcing the proper way to tackle with my head up to prevent a concussion. The season debut for my middle school football career as starting quarterback was actually the one and only game I played in middle school. In the second quarter of the first game, I was playing defense going for a tackle and when I went to go tackle the ballcarrier at the same time the ballcarrier went to hit me and hit the side of my knee causing me to completely tearing my ACL and partially tearing my MCL. As an active young adult, being told that I was unable to play any sports for at least the next year was devastating to me because that was all I did and it brought me tons of enjoyment. If it was not for HSS and Dr. Cordasco and Dr. Green I would not be playing sports just one and a half years later to my full potential. With their expertise and precision in the operating room and with the help of physical therapy, it allowed me to have a full recovery to doing what I love, playing sports. I would like to thank the entire HSS staff for helping me to play on the court and field again with my friends instead of just being the spectator on the sidelines.