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Ben Kaminow

Demarest, NJ
  • Ben Kaminow in the photo 1

I had severe pain in my right hip and it kept me from doing most activities even walking and just standing were an effort after awhile. Dr. McLawhorn came highly recommended by a friend of mine who had both of his hips replaced. When he took the x-ray and showed me the bone-on-bone contact and the arthritis he suggested a THR. Best decision I ever made. I now even 2 years later have no pain at all and can do the things I enjoy. My experience with Dr. McLawhorn, his staff and HSS was incredible. They made me feel comfortable, relieved any anxiety, and are always available with any questions I have had or still have. Thank you Dr. McLawhorn, Dr. Morris, and the entire staff at HSS for giving me back my old self!