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Beatrice Blacksberg

Pine Hill, NY
  • Foot Injury/Condition

Have you ever wished for a Doctor to see you as a whole and not just a body part? I have been Dr. Bohne's patient since 2010. From the beginning his greeting was, "How are you?" It was a real question and not an empty social phrase.

I was scheduled for surgery on my shoulder and Dr. Bohne was kind enough to explain the advances that have been made in general anesthesia thus allaying my fears. One cannot discuss Dr. Bohne without focusing on his approach and successful treatment of injuries to the foot and ankle. I had a torn arch, which was very painful, and he patiently got me through it without surgery.

Dr. Bohne views his patients as a whole and was able to give me a complete diagnosis with an understanding of my medical history and personal preferences. Dr. Bohne takes great pride in his capabilities and always takes the least invasive approach. All the stars in the universe would represent Dr. Bohne's integrity and intelligence as an orthopedic foot and ankle surgeon. With so much appreciation to you Dr. Walther Bohne!