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Bart Rekucki

Ridgewood, NJ
  • Bart Rekucki in the photo 1

I was referred to Dr. Jerabek by an informed friend and for that I am grateful. Dr. Jerabek performed a full left knee replacement on 1-16-19 and in the process realigned my bowed left leg. The surgery was very successful. My experience at HSS was very professional and notably efficient as they know what you are experiencing, correctly how to care and exactly how to counsel. With resolute/determined physical therapy, I was playing golf gently in April and in full swing by June including regular walking of 18 holes. All good on my recent one-year check-up.

My activities have returned to all normal and athletic without restriction including hiking, golfing, some tennis and biking. Both legs are strong, pain free and without restriction. I consider Dr. Jerabek a skilled surgeon and technician with a reassuring and caring manner. My experience and results have been excellent. If your doc approves and the time feels right, don’t be afraid to proceed. I can highly recommend Dr. Jerabek. I am one fully recovered and thankful patient. Bart Rekucki, Ridgewood, NJ