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Barry Kozyra

Nutley, NJ

The day of my surgery (my second knee after 11 years) was the hottest day in August. I arrived at HSS early AM via Uber (Type A first patient of the day who wants to be in and out!) started Sx at 8:01 AM (see what I mean?) and awakened without issue. Had to wait for anesthesia to wear off and be trained how to do all (had prior Sx on other knee after being thrown by a horse in Mexico) and wait for my wife to drive me home. Annoyed to be the 2nd patient released (!) my wife had the car for me around 12:00 PM.

Headed home, the car overheats on Fifth Avenue! AAA is called for a tow back to NJ - takes 2.5 hours with no AC! I am fine having had a painkiller before I left HSS. The tow takes the car and offers a ride to one of us - I offer it to my wife who says "no" and I announce I will crutch my way to a nearby Starbucks, use the facilities, charge our phones, have a coffee, take a painkiller and call Uber!

My wife labels me crazy and I pole off (this is harder to do than my remembrance from 11 years ago) only to find the Starbucks is on the 2nd floor of the Trump Tower and the facilities are below ground at the rear of the building, far from the front door. I pole my way to the facilities and back now refusing the elevator in favor of an escalator to the first floor. Realizing this is taking too long to suit me, I abandon the battery charging, coffee and painkiller (a mistake as I learn later) and call Uber - which driver cannot pull up in front of the Towers (no left turn) and offers to cancel (no way) so I pole my way to the car blocks away.

The drive home has no traffic (miracle!) but the painkiller wears off (ouch!) leaving me trying to sit without using my posterior (feels like playing Twister!) arriving home at 6:00 PM! I took a painkiller and fell asleep watching a baseball game. After a day of using crutches, I return to work as an attorney without crutches, visit the next week with Dr. W who is amazed at the recovery (and the story) and begin physiotherapy at Princeton Physical Therapy with fantastic results. No pain (I am able to run again) and no limitations on movement. HSS, you have done it again!