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Barbara Morris

South Amboy, NJ
  • Barbara Morris in the photo 1

After years of dealing with painful knees and not being able to do many of the everyday things we all take for granted, I decided it was time to do my research and find the best surgeon whose specialty was in total knee replacement. That's when I read about Dr. Steven Haas, his extensive training and many medical accomplishments. I knew right then, he was the doctor I needed to see.

In April, 2011, I met with Dr. Haas and after x-rays and examination, it was determined I needed TKR. In June 2011, I had a total right knee replacement performed by Dr. Steven Haas. Within a few hours after the surgery, the HSS staff (who were wonderful) had me up walking the hallway with a cane and climbing up and down a special set of stairs. I can't say enough about the professionalism and caring treatment provided by the staff at HSS.

I was released from the hospital on the morning of the third day and that included the day of surgery. Dr. Haas's office and staff set up in advance all the necessary post-operative things that needed to be taken care of when I got home. I honestly have to say, I had very little pain and not much swelling as I recuperated from the surgery. Within three weeks of the surgery, I was driving short distances and, using my cane, I would walk in the mall to get some additional exercise and be able to sit when I needed.

Approximately one year later, Dr. Haas perform a TKR on my other knee. Again, a great decision and a complete success!

When it's time to consult a surgeon about your painful knees, look no further than Dr. Steven Haas. You can't get better than the best!