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Barbara Lehman

New York, NY
  • Barbara Lehman in the photo 1
  • Barbara Lehman in the photo 2

I came to Dr. Kelly in March 2017 with severe hip pain after a year of trying non surgical physical therapy. The MRI showed an avulsion injury of the left semitendinosis and biceps femoris long head tendons from the ischial tuberosity with approximately 12 mm retraction. He suggested surgery and I arranged it for April.

The operation at HSS was a very smooth and organized process. The hamstrings were reattached. My recovery (6 weeks non-weight bearing, 8 weeks on crutches and 6 months of physical therapy) went well as I adhered to all the restrictions while trying to keep active and eat lots of protein. I then returned to strength training, hiking and skiing, getting stronger continuously with very little pain.

This April, two years later, I successfully completed a 3 week trek to the Nar and Phu Valleys of Nepal in the Annapurna Region reaching an altitude of 17,500 ft at age 70. This is a very happy story thanks to Dr. Kelly’s skill and the care of HSS. I am very grateful.