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Barbara K.

Long Island, NY
  • Barbara K. in the photo 1

My husband and I have seen Dr. Osric King multiples time each. I am a physician and consider Dr. King to be the best soft tissue (muscles, tendons, ligaments, joint cartilage) diagnostican I have ever met.

He is thorough, knowledgeable, experienced, and extraordinarily bright. He diagnosed me, with touch and ultrasound, many small joint and bursa inflammations. He then successfully treated them with steroid injections.

He diagnosed in my husband's wrist a very obscure tendon tear that was not seen on a MRI (by sending him to an accomplished ultrasound department). Because of his quick thinking, my husband was able to have complex wrist surgery that restored most of the motion in 2 fingers which had been unable to move at all.

I cannot cite the dozen or more times Dr. King has accurately diagnosed and created treatment plans for the 2 of us. He has kept us both moving comfortably for the last 15+ years. My husband is an active, strenuous hiker, and I a gardener, and we thank our luck in finding Dr. King, who is our family superhero. I can go on and on. I refer to him regularly in my own practice.