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Barbara Harrison Kaye

New York, NY
  • Foot Injury/Condition
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I was delivered by ambulance to Columbia Presbyterian following a car accident. They called Dr. Levine at HSS to take a look at my foot, which was broken, had a twisted toe-to-heel and bones sticking out all over. Dr. Levine performed several surgeries reconstructing my ankle and foot and oversaw my recovery and rehab through 3 months in a wheelchair to walking again, which several people told me they never thought I'd be able to do. Dr. Levine and the young interns that worked with him that first day (I was conscious, but in shock) were so caring, down to earth in their explanations of what was happening, and comforting: manners that never changed through the subsequent surgeries and rehab process, that I'll never forget them. He told me that I'd walk if I followed his instructions and I did. So I've had 13 years of walking and now that I'm retired, I'm doing all the traveling that I'd always wanted to. A highlight of those travels is a trip to Africa (pictures of animals I never imagined I'd see so closely follow) and a recent cruise down the Danube stopping at lovely little towns like Durnstein (Austria) and walking on cobblestones. Who would have dreamed? Thank you Dr. Levine.