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Barbara Gorman

New York, NY

I had a medial meniscal root tear, which is a serious injury if not fixed quickly after it occurs. I first went to a doctor at another facility who misdiagnosed me (hard to believe given how much pain I was in and how unstable my leg was). Thankfully, I found my way to Dr. Strickland and her team soon thereafter. Dr. Strickland examined me and ordered an MRI. In our appointment she knew it was the meniscus and even drew some pictures for me lol! She also had me perform some physical tasks.

Soon thereafter Kevin informed me I needed surgery. Further, he explained some of what the recovery process would involve.

Dr. Strickland knew exactly what was needed and was confident in her ability, which put me at ease. She was very honest and told me if I was compliant I would do "great." She also expressed confidence in my profile as a candidate for this operation. Thankfully I got to her before much damage was done, so I was a good candidate.

I am now 12 weeks post-op and could NOT be more grateful to Dr. Strickland and her team. Dr. Strickland saved my knee. I am starting to feel wonderful and know at the 6 month mark I will be in great shape.

Dr. Strickland is an excellent surgeon and I could not recommend her more highly. While we don't communicate and I deal 99% with her staff that is fine with me. What matters is the amazing job she did. Her staff is always there to answer questions via the phone or emails. They also helped guide me through PT which I do at HSS, an outstanding rehab facility.

I feel lucky to have able to be be helped.