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Barbara Ann Morrissey

New Port Richey, FL
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I have been enjoying running for 43 years. But I had a cross-country (XC) skiing accident when I was 30, tearing ACL, MCL, etc. After rehabbing, I was able to continue running. At 73, my knee was very painful, and after NYC Marathon was cancelled in 2020 I decided I would finally have a total knee replacement (TKR) done. I discussed my hope of continuing running with Dr. John Wang, going over risks & possibilities. He was very attentive to my hopes & expectations, and I felt he had an understanding of a long time runner’s desire to continue to run. And great hope of being able to run my 28th NYC Marathon with a TKR. I had knee replacement in August 2020. I worked hard in physical therapy (PT), then continued with a personal trainer to be sure I did everything possible to strengthen and safely progress to running. I am so thankful & happy to say I just ran my 28th NYC Marathon, on November 7, 2021! My knee felt great! I finished in 5:36:31, placed 11th in my age group. As a member of Fred’s Team/ MSKCC, I raised $10,200.94, doing my run, for Aubrey Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Thankful for Dr. Wang & staff at HSS for making it possible for me to continue to enjoy my love of running, and most important, for the 28th year raising funds for MSKCC cancer research by running the NYC Marathon. I am so grateful that HSS has helped me to keep on enjoying running.