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Barb Dowd

Brooklyn, NY
  • Barb Dowd in the photo 1

2012 - I was getting more crippling pain in both knees. I couldn't sleep from the pain, could barely climb the stairs and I have a dog that needs to be walked 3 to 4 times a day. One day I couldn't get up from the chair at all. I made an appointment with my PCP, who recommended HSS and Dr. Della Valle. My first meeting with him was so great. He recommended a total knee replacement. I was so afraid, but the procedure was amazing. The was minimal pain and maximum movement in my knee. After PT, I couldn't wait to have my other knee done. In 2013 I became bionic. Both knees done, no pain and I could dance again. I went on a cruise and went on every excursion! No pain and I could squat, do a lunge, do yoga and tai-chi again. It was magic! THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I was 64, but felt like 94 before the surgeries, after I feel like 44! Everyone I meet I tell them go to HSS, get Dr. Della Valle, do the surgery and let's dance!