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Ava Marie Fela

Colonia, NJ
  • Ava Marie Fela in the photo 1

I first consulted an orthopedic surgeon for a minor ache on my right side in late 2015. I was advised that I had osteoarthritis and at some point would require a total hip replacement. I was in denial and ignored his diagnosis until about a year later when I was in excruciating pain. I couldn’t walk, sleep or stand. I went on the HSS website and listened to the tutorials for surgeons specializing in hip replacement. I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Jerabek in 2016 and he confirmed my earlier diagnosis, but my right side was bone on bone. Dr. Jerabek also told me my left side only had one to two centimeters of bone left and I was looking at double hip replacement. My right hip was replaced in June 2016 and my left hip was replaced in September 2017. Seven weeks post-op from my second hip replacement, I resumed bowling and a normal life. I can play and have fun again with my grandchildren. I cannot thank Dr. Jerabek, his entire staff and HSS for allowing me to resume a normal pain-free life. I feel like I was always given special attention and everyone at Dr. Jerabek’s office and HSS truly cared about their patients.