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August Zolfo

West Palm Beach, FL
  • August Zolfo in the photo 1
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Moving to West Palm Beach from Long Island, I was in a search for a doctor for the conditions in my back - scoliosis, spinal stenosis and degenerate disc. I have suffered for over 50 years with my back. When I first came to Florida, I tried a doctor at another facility in West Palm Beach. After 3 treatment sessions, I did not feel any relief. Several friends of mine recommended Dr. Kathleen Davenport at HSS. My first meeting with Dr. Davenport made me and my wife walk away with new hope. After the initial exam and MRI, Dr. Davenport recommended a new approach to steroid injections. On my scheduled appointment day, I was amazed that everything went on time. The staff from when you first check in to the nursing staff was great. You felt as if you were the only patient there.

Dr. Davenport made me feel very comfortable during the procedure. I had this procedure on March 7, 2023. My pain went from a "15" (my pain was much higher than the normal "10" scale that is used) to a "5". During my follow up a few months later, Dr Davenport suggested another set of injections in a different area to bring my pain level down to even a lower number. Once again, the serves and professionalism were above excellent. I am positive that my pain will decrease even more. I am enjoying many activities without the same pain that I had 6 months ago. Special thanks to Dr. Davenport and her team at HSS - Nurses Heather, Janice, Lara, Charlie (x-ray) and Kevin (technician).