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Arthur Zaifman

Millburn, NJ
  • Arthur Zaifman in the photo 1

My story began in the summer of 2013. While doing some routine neck and back stretches I felt a sensation throughout my body similar to a "funny bone" impact. Shortly thereafter my fingers would occasionally become numb and tingle. The numbness and tingling then spread to my arms and chest over the next few months. I had an x-ray/MRI and received the terrifying diagnosis that my cervical spine (C3-C7 inclusive) was severely compressing my spinal cord and that spinal cord damage had already occurred. I was told that I needed to have a C3-C7 laminectomy with fusion from several neurosurgeons. I then discovered the Hospital for Special Surgery and Dr. Russel Huang. His compassion, confidence and expertise put me at ease immediately and I finally found the doctor and hospital that I could trust. The surgery was a success and the hospital stay was an incredible experience because of the skills and kindness of the entire staff. I am writing this story 8 weeks after my surgery and going to the gym on a daily basis to do light workouts. I can't thank Dr. Russel Huang and the entire staff at HSS enough and feel they saved my life!