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Arthur Blot

New York, NY
  • Arthur Blot in the photo 1
  • Arthur Blot in the photo 2

I had a tear at the meniscus on both knees. I was recommended Dr. Maynard and HSS by a friend and in 2014 I had a surgery on the right knee. The hospital checking in process was very smooth and the staff (medical and admin) was very nice and professional. The surgery performed by Dr Maynard went very well. I was able to leave the hospital walking slowly with crutches and no pain. After the recommended 2 days at home to limit the walking and the risk of post-surgery infection, I went back to Dr. Maynard for the scheduled post-surgery check. By that time I was able to walk without crutches and still no pain. About a week after the surgery I was walking completely normally. About 6 weeks after surgery I was able to exercise again, starting with bicycling and then back into my regular sports: surfing, kite-surfing and hiking. I was so satisfied with the result that I decided in 2015 to go through the same surgery for my other knee with Dr Maynard at HSS.