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April Resnick

Rock Hill, NY
  • April Resnick in the photo 1
  • April Resnick in the photo 2

I don't need you to use my story, but I wanted to share it with you so you know about two staff in particular that reignited my faith in humanity and the medical field! I have terrible back issues. I had four major spinal surgeries prior to coming to HSS. In August of 2022 I blew out another disk in my lumbar spine. I was in tremendous pain and quickly began to lose function in my left leg. I made an appointment with Dr. Sariah Khormaee, hoping for the best. First, her surgical assistant, Tiffany, was unbelievable. She was so kind and helpful answering all of my questions. At my appointment, seeing my inability to walk, loss of strength and pain, Dr. Khormaee was very concerned and ordered another, more recent MRI. It was during the holiday break, but despite this, Tiffany made calls to all of the city and then even to a medical facility closer to my home to get me in for an MRI immediately. Within days I had the MRI and sent it to Dr. Khormaee for review. She called me immediately and scheduled surgery within a week. The next challenge, getting insurance approval. Since all of her staff were on vacation, Dr. Khormaee went to bat for me! She had several conversations with my insurance company and then a peer review to get my necessary surgery approved. We had actually scheduled surgery prior to approval and I waited outside the hospital on December 30th, 2022, waiting and praying that she could convince them why I needed the surgery as soon as possible and she did! She called me while I sat on a bench outside of the hospital. I cried tears of joy and relief. Within a few hours I underwent a microdiscectomy with Dr. Khormaee. When I woke up, the pain was literally gone! I still had numbness but Dr. Khormaee assured me that most, if not all of it should go away. She was right! Only two months out and most of it has improved already. Dr. Khormaee went above and beyond for me. She truly is the most amazing, kind-hearted, fiercely skilled spinal surgeon I have ever met. I am beyond grateful to have my life back. THANK YOU DR. KHORMAEE!