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Antonio Chohfi Cury

São Paulo, Brazil

I broke my ankle, both bones, on July 2010 when I was 49 years old. The tibia fracture was really severe, It was broken in several small pieces on the ankle and it damaged the cartilage in the joint. The doctor put two plates in my leg. After a 100 days without touching my foot on the floor, I began to walk with crutches until I got rid of them. Unfortunately even though I could walk I still limped and the pain was always there. I almost couldn't bear unloading weight on that leg. The months were going away and the pain was getting worse. I went back to the surgeon who said that maybe the pain was caused by the plates and by that time (after two years) I could remove the one from the fibula. Two other surgeons in Brazil proposed an osteotomy.

Me and my wife decided to look for another opinion in the best Orthopedic Center in USA and we flew from Brazil to an appointment: "Despite the different angle that appears in your exams, this is not what is causing you the pain. You have total and perfect movements with your foot and I will treat you and not your x-ray. You are a candidate to an ankle distraction", said Dr. Rozbruch. A much less invasive surgery! The pain I was feeling was caused by the cartilage damage I suffered and with the ankle distraction I would regain cartilage and the pain would disappear in some months. After three months of the ankle distraction I was feeling much better and I could walk very well. The pain was smaller everyday day. After one year I was still getting better and I began walking from my office to my house, approximately 1 mile, without pain and without limping! I go down stairs, surf, ride skateboard, all of them without pain. For giving me back all my mobility without pain, I will be eternally grateful to Dr. Rozbruch.