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Antonia (Toni) Toscano

Orlando, FL
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Its been a year since my hip replacement surgery at 61-years-old. Reason being that I have been making up for years of not being able to do ANY activities. Dr. Alexander McLawhorn SAVED & gave me back my life! I was a active woman my entire life. I spent over 3 years literally laying on the couch. I was unable to function & suffering from the most excruciating pain. Tears, depression, ZERO physical activity & lots of ibuprofen was my life during those years. I live in Orlando, FL & was seen by MANY orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, pain centers, etc. - name it & I did it. My last medical exam/consultation by a Orlando orthopedic surgeon, I was told that surgery was not going to help me, I had to change my lifestyle & probably end up in a wheelchair. Originally I am from New York, & a friend of mine referred me to Dr. McLawhorn. I flew to NY & met with Dr McLawhorn. All appointments were scheduled by his staff, who couldn't be more professional, organized, & sincerely compassionate. Dr McLawhorn is a highly skilled professional and a caring doctor. In addition to needing a new hip, my leg was significantly shorter than the other, which caused an overwhelming fear that this could not be corrected. Dr. McLawhorn assured me not only would my hip be replaced, but both legs would be the same length. I was in the hospital for one night and able to walk 4 hours after surgery with very little healing pain AND both my legs were the same length! No limping! Perfection! Today, I am doing everything I never thought I would again nor am I suffering in pain as I did for many years. Dr. McLawhorn is a amazing, excellent surgeon, a sincere, caring, wonderful person. I cant say enough nor share enough words about Dr. McLawhorn & staff . As I write, I have tears of gratitude, respect, happiness & sincerest Thanks to Dr. McLawhorn & his staff. I highly recommend Dr. McLawhorn for joint replacement surgery. Thank you Dr. McLawhorn & staff! Thank you HSS!