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Antonia Gut

Chester, NJ
  • Antonia Gut in the photo 1
  • Antonia Gut in the photo 2

Dr. Nawabi’s office eased my panic when I was told that the surgeon would find time to evaluate and consult with me between his surgeries. On that day, I found out that my hamstring tendon had avulsed and retracted from my hip and if surgery was to be done, time was of the essence. Because I was initially incorrectly diagnosed by one, and received questionable “options” by another, I was in desperate search of a qualified surgeon that would guide me towards the path of health. As a health care professional myself, I felt completely vulnerable. I now understood how “broken” I truly was, and I had an uncommon injury that required a highly trained surgeon. Somehow, I was most fortunate to be in the hands of Dr. Nawabi. He met with me on that first day and took the time to not only explain the procedure, risks, and benefits, but also discussed how I could best prepare my home for the lengthy recovery. He skillfully completed the hamstring repair and was always responsive post-operatively to my questions and concerns. He made certain I was on a strong path of recovery with physical therapy and offered the personal training advice required to play competitive tennis again. He continued to show his concern and answered all questions at 3 month, 6 month and 12 month follow-up evaluations, as Dr. Nawabi truly wants his patients to recover fully into their routines and sports. After 40 years of playing the sport that I’ve always had a passion for, I’m now Back in the Game with confidence. We all hope to be injury-free. However at those desperate times, we are fortunate to have within our reach the compassionate staff and highly skilled surgeon (and consummate professional) Dr. Danyal Nawabi at HSS.