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Anthony Scibetta

Locust, NJ
  • Anthony Scibetta in the photo 1

After years of chronic knee pain from high school and college football, I decided to meet with Dr. Gregory DiFelice from HSS. After a conservative approach it became clear that surgery would be necessary to repair my knee. I was terrified. I worried about the recovery time, the post-op pain level, and whether or not the surgery would be a success. Dr. DiFelice assured me the recovery from surgery would be just a few weeks and showed me several success stories of patients with an identical injury. After surgery, my pain was limited, and my mobility returned soon after. Six weeks later I was climbing steps, going to the gym, and enjoying pain free activity. I was even able to go to Disneyworld just three months later with my grandkids. We walked 50 miles that week and my knee held up great with no pain. I am forever grateful to Dr. DiFelice and the fine staff at HSS.

Don't be afraid. Just fix it!