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Anthony Nusio

Hicksville, NY
  • Anthony Nusio in the photo 1

While on vacation, without warning or any symptoms such as numbness or weakness, I lost approximately 50% of the usage in my right arm. When I returned, I saw a neurologist and had several tests performed that led my diagnosis to Cervical Stenosis and the realization that my spinal canal was smaller than most people. After seeing 5 different specialists who all agreed that I needed an operation to remedy this situation, I decided on Dr. Todd Albert as my selected surgeon. His attitude, knowledge and credentials put me at ease during a very difficult time and made me feel as if I was his only patient. All through the procedure he and his staff kept me apprised of all aspects of this operation from insurance questions to post pain questions. They contacted me often for updates on my progress and guided me through any unknown issues that arose. I feel confident that he was the best doctor to perform this procedure and I am happy that I am under his care until full recovery. His staff along with the HSS staff made this difficult situation as pleasurable as a surgery can be.