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Anthony Huskisson

Malverne, NY
  • Anthony Huskisson in the photo 1

I was in Poland on military assignment for the US Navy when I injured my right thumb on a piece of glass. My thumb had went partially numb and there was fear that I damaged the nerve and I wouldn't get feeling back, especially since it took me 10 days to return to the US and get my thumb evaluated in the US from the time of injury.

My hands are especially important to me because I am also an Architect & Civil Engineer and I require the use of my hands to complete a lot of tasks in my profession. Dr. Lee, after speaking with his staff while I was in Poland was able to arrange to evaluate my thumb 3 days after returning to the US and several days before Thanksgiving 2014. During the evaluation, he knew that there was damage to the nerve and wasted no time getting me into surgery later that day to explore to see the extent of the damage. During the surgery he saw that I severed the nerve in 2 places and immediately proceeded to repair the nerve (ALL WITHIN THE SAME DAY).

When I woke up, I already had partial feeling returned to my thumb with a very good prognosis that I would get most if not all of my sensation back within a year. I couldn't be more thankful to Dr. Lee, his staff and the rest of HSS for taking great care of me and ensuring my livelihood would be affected minimally.