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Anthony Barletta

Staten Island, NY
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I am 53 years old and had elbow reconstruction done by Dr. Joshua Dines in Oct 2014. I've always been a quality ground ball pitch and loved going to tournaments in Florida, Myrtle Beach and Baltimore. After the surgery I started working with the Velocity Plus program that uses heavy balls 2 lb balls down to 2 oz. Part of the program is to throw and hold like tennis, you don't release. Starting 5 months after surgery, I stated pitching 1 inning a game after 8 months and increased 1 inning every month. Surprisingly not giving up any runs all summer. By November, 13 months after surgery, I was back at the tournaments, limiting my pitching and once again throwing ground balls and not giving up any runs. Maybe just pure luck but a fact is a fact. Since the surgery I have helped win 2 Roy Hobbs World Series in the 35+ and 45+ age groups. The icing on the cake was this past tournament called the MSBL Holiday Classic in the 35+ division. I pitched a perfect game getting a 30-0 Mercy. Understandably it was shortened due to a mercy rule but a fact is a fact, 21 up and 21 down.