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Anthony Asselta

Holtsville, NY
  • Anthony Asselta in the photo 1

In 2012, due to my wife's detailed research, we decided on HSS for my partial knee replacement. After many years of pain and discomfort, a brief one day surgery by Dr. Mayman and his team, I was released to recover at home. To make a long story short, after a few weeks of PT, I was back at my day job and once again my volunteering at my local Fire Department. My knee surgery was such a success that it only made sense to call upon HSS again when it came to options for my lower back and now debilitating leg pain in 2018.

Dr. Mayman's team recommended a few specialists and after visiting a few local doctors here at home and researching the resumes of those recommended at HSS, I scheduled my consult with doctor Matthew Cunningham. After my wonderful experience with the HSS team during my knee implant, my expectations were high and again HSS didn't disappoint. Prior to my consult I had, had steroid injections and IVs, chiropractic work, pain management and all with no relief but after my visit with Dr. Cunningham, I knew I was in good hands and an end to the pain was in sight. Shortly after my second visit, my wife and I decided (in the lobby just before we left) that surgery was the best course of action, and within five minutes, I was scheduled for April 8th, 2019.

Of course like anyone who had just been told they would be in a lengthy surgery to include fusion, hardware and bone grafts to the spine, I was a bit unnerved but my alternatives were few beyond a lifetime of pain medication and as a part time first responder, that was not an option. In the end and after six hours in surgery and a three day stay at HSS in Manhattan, I left for home with NO leg pain - zero, nada, none. Don't get me wrong, by this point the post-surgery back pain was like nothing I had ever experienced but with the advice and guidance given to me by Doctor Cunningham, his team and the staff on the 6th floor at HSS, I knew time would be my best friend.

So here we are four months post-op and all I can say is WOW! Sure I have stiffness and muscle aches currently but the leg pain I endured for over a year is completely gone and to date (although careful and mindful of my body mechanics) I do not feel I've lost much if any range of motion. I'm told the bone graft at the site of the L4-L5 fusion should be almost completely healed by October and I still do PT twice a week in addition to my regular walking and stationary bike routine. I've been back to work (limited) for a week and more importantly back to my Fire House, once again serving my community. There is not enough appreciation I can express to everyone at HSS. From my first encounters with Doctor Mayman in 2012 through my experiences with Doctor Cunningham and his team and the staff on the 6th floor and my advice to anyone considering any of these types of surgeries? There is only one option, Hospital for Special Surgery.