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Annie Chan

Brooklyn, NY
  • Annie Chan in the photo 1

On July 2020, I got the surprise of my life when I found out I needed a partial knee replacement. I was okay with the news because the first time I met Dr. Gomoll, he put me at ease, and I knew I would be okay. Dr. Gomoll explained I needed the surgery in a way that I could understand, and that was a big help. The surgery from the planning to the recovery was handle with care. My advice is to listen to Dr. Gomoll and his team of Michael Adashev, PA, and Angel Montanez; the recovery will not be easy, but the team will answer any questions you have.

Another key person who ensured that I had a successful recovery is my physical therapist Jacopo Mattaini. The exercises were challenging and painful, and he pushed me to my limits. There were days I wanted to quit, Jacopo's encouragement kept me going. 

During my recovery, I learned a lot about myself and the challenges I faced. Three months later, I am healthier, pain-free, and looking forward to the future. 

Thank you, Dr. Gomoll, Michael Adashev PA, Angel Montanez, Jacopo, and the staff at HSS.