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Anne McInerney

Toms River, NJ
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Dr. Peter Sculco not only got me Back in the Game, he gave me my life back. I had total knee replacement at a facility in NJ where I got an infection during surgery. Three months after complaining of symptoms, I was finally validated and diagnosed with the infection. By that time the infection spread to my bones. The follow up surgery did not eradicate the infection causing it to spread further into my bones. That doctor gave me a 60% chance of ever having a functioning knee. Upon my initial visit with Dr. Peter Sculco he gave me a 95% chance of infection eradication, giving me hope for the first time in 7 months. It was a lengthy and difficult recovery but I’m thrilled to report that I am 100% well with a very healthy knee. I enjoy getting back to my very active lifestyle taking hikes, running around after little nieces and nephews, walking my dog and getting back to my daily gym routine.

Dr. Andy Miller was also a vital part of my recovery. He included me when determining the intravenous antibiotic treatment plan. He was always accessible and also very caring.

Dr. Sculco and his nurse practitioner, Joy Buechler, showed a great amount of respect, empathy, validation and kindness. Not only did they treat me like I mattered a great deal, they treated my family, too. It was a very emotional time and they healed us all. I am forever indebted to both Joy and Dr. Sculco.