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Anne Martin

New Haven, CT
  • Anne Martin in the photo 1
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I had struggled with pain and swelling in my right knee for a couple decades due to a lesion in my right knee that had scraped through the cartilage. In 2007, I had microfracture surgery, which was brutal. After a year of recovery, I had an OK, not great knee. Starting in 2017, it started to really act up again with swelling and pain. I continued to ski and bike through the pain, but finally decided to do something about it. I wouldn't trust my knee to anyone but the best.

I was so surprised when I first went to HSS - after an x-ray, they sent me to a different doctor who did an MRI. Looking at the MRI, they referred me to Dr. Gomoll. While I could have tried to put off the surgery longer and deal with the pain, I decided to go for it on Nov 8, 2021. I went home that night. Unlike my microfracture surgery, I was able to deal with the pain and within a week was starting to get into some real PT. In mid-January I skied my first very small ski run after skinning up. Within a few weeks I was able to do a few runs in a row. In April, I went to Taos New Mexico and skied many black diamonds.

I am now almost three years out from surgery and might knee is amazing. I'll never regret doing this surgery - it made me pain-free. One thing to note is that I was in GREAT shape going into the surgery - so much bike riding and hiking had strengthened my quads. I was absolutely religious about rehab as well. I can't believe how much I've done since surgery: many ski trips, hiking the W route of Patagonia, many other hikes, and at least two sprint triathlons. Even running is possible. I know I am not the typical story because I am so fit, but Dr. Gomoll was amazing and gave me a great second wind.