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Anne-Marie Jacobs

Oceanside, NY

When I was 15 months old I was diagnosed with septic hip on my left side. During my 3 week hospital stay, I underwent 2 surgeries to rid the infection & clean up my hip. I underwent a third surgery to put in place a central line to administer antibiotics for the next 8 weeks. Everything seemed like a success. Fast forward 12 1/2 years later. I had developed a leg length discrepancy of 1 1/2 inches, with my left leg being shorter. Dr. Daniel Green saw me and felt the best treatment would be to stunt the growth of my right leg. I underwent surgery to install two screws above my right knee growth plates. 26 months later, I underwent another surgery to remove the screws. It worked and my left leg was only 1/4 inch shorter. Although my legs were almost the same length, Dr. Green said I would need a hip replacement before my time. At age 18 I could not take the pain any longer. Dr. Su agreed to the surgery during my winter break from college. I was fortunate enough that Dr. Su had made a bikini line incision so it would be less noticeable in a bathing suit. Six weeks later I was back in college and continued therapy at school. Less than a year later am now exercising and snowboarding. I thank Dr. Green and Dr. Su for all you have done for me.