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Anne Marie Grimaldi

Upper Montclair, NJ
  • Anne Marie Grimaldi in the photo 1
  • Anne Marie Grimaldi in the photo 2

In 2008 I went to a local podiatrist for a simple bunionectomy. I knew immediately post surgery that something was not right. My big toe was much shorter in length than it had been pre-surgery. As time went on I realized that although the bunion (a very small one to start) was gone, my gait was completely off and I while walking I would not put any weight on my left big toe or foot pad under the first metatarsal. After 7 post surgical visits to the surgeon who kept telling me this was normal I decided to get another opinion.

That is when I went to HSS and met Dr. Martin O'Malley. Essentially, the first "Podiatrist" had removed too much bone from my foot causing a non-union of the bone. Dr. O'Malley suggested removing healthy bone from my hip and inserting it into my foot to re-grow and re-join the bone. It was a long road, and I was well informed it would be. I was in bed for weeks post surgery, then non weight bearing for a month followed by crutches and a boot for almost 8 months. I was very active in paddle tennis and exercise, and truly thought I would never perform these luxuries again.

However, under the careful guidance of Dr. O'Malley and two additional surgeries; one to remove the screw and broken titanium plate followed by a Moburg Hallux Rigidus repair, I finally started getting my life back. Slowly but surely my foot began to act "normal" and I was able to resume activities including becoming a certified Yoga Instructor. Dr. O'Malley essentially put humpty dumpty back together again! I am forever grateful for not only his knowledge and kindness, but everyone at HSS for their unprecedented quality of care.