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Anne Herb-Schreiber

Ridgefield Park, NJ
  • Anne Herb-Schreiber in the photo 1

I had been living with an osteoarthritic right knee for years and this past year was worse than ever hindering my daily activities. It was suggested to me by several people I know with hip and knee replacements that the “only place to go” was HSS. I did my research and easily concluded they were right. I made an appointment with Dr. Alberto Carli and was sold! Dr. Carli spent a lot of time with me, did a thorough physical exam and an extensive dive into my health history as well as my lifestyle and needs. He answered all my questions, provided me with websites and research on TKR surgery and right there and then I made my decision to go ahead with the surgery - with him.

Dr. Carli strongly suggested I go to PT to strengthen my legs – and that was key to the success of my recovery. Scheduling my pre-op exam with HSS made that process effortless and time efficient as all the testing was done by them. No need to go to my primary doctor, then to get x-rays, EKG, etc. at other facilities.

HSS and Dr. Carli provided “homework” in the form of videos prior to my surgery to ensure I was well educated on the surgery, recovery experience, and hospital instructions. The day of my surgery was smooth going, timely and the staff at every juncture be it prepping me prior to surgery, or in recovery or in my room were simply FANTASTIC! What an incredible staff! Courteous, caring, professional, passionate and with attention to detail. Really amazing staff.

My recovery has been amazing! I was diligent and followed all the instructions provided by Dr. Carli and his staff on medicines, cold therapy, keeping my leg elevated, and getting to PT and doing home exercises provided by PT. At 6 weeks post-surgery – I am doing incredibly well! Extending my leg, bending my knee to 130 degrees and can now walk two miles!

I am so grateful to Dr. Carli and his wonderful staff as well as HSS. I could not be happier with my recovery. It is still ongoing, and I am following Dr. Carli and my physical therapist's instructions but am so thrilled at where I am now and am looking forward to where I will be in another 6 weeks.

Thank you all!

-Anne Herb-Schreiber