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Annalise Ferrara

Weston, CT
  • Annalise Ferrara in the photo 1

I've been a runner for 30+ years, 5 miles per day, 5 days per week. My hips didn't give out, but my shoulders did. Dr. Taylor assured me he would eliminate my pain, and boy was he right! Not only did the pain disappear from my right arm, I returned to feeling like myself again - energetic, active, and youthful. So much so that I returned 6 months later to have my other shoulder replaced. Again, the success was astounding. This second surgery was more complicated, requiring a reverse total shoulder replacement. Again, Dr. Taylor assured me that the pain would go away, but my range of motion would most probably be less than the other shoulder. So far, 7 weeks post-op, I am doing incredibly well and using my arm as if there were never any issue. I had pain for only a few hours after each surgery, being completely pain-free, as well as medication free after just a few days.

I cannot thank Dr. Taylor, Nick Estis (PA), and the entire team at HSS Stamford for the care that was given to me, and the life that was restored to me.