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Anna Russo

Bayville, NJ
  • Anna Russo in the photo 1

I live in New Jersey and was denied help and a bilateral hip replacement. Doctors in NJ stated I had to see Dr. Bostrom. I was frustrated and crippled. I told my NJ doctor, "You can’t fix this and Dr. Bostrom can? What a joke!" I was unable to stand, tripped on my big toe, and my right foot was turned backwards. The pain was 24/7. NJ doctors stated, "We cannot repair you. If we do, one leg could be longer. You may reject both new hips."

Why did I wait so long?! Dr. Bostrom fixed the pain and put my foot straight. He is a blessing to me and my entire HSS TEAM! Dr. Bostrom is a top doctor. I traveled from New Jersey to see Dr. Bostrom. He asked me a simple question, "Does one anti-inflammatory truly help you and which hip is being replaced first?" He is confident not arrogant, knows his field and needs to be acknowledged. I could not leave my house. I could no longer walk, as stated if you don’t have a walker, you could break your neck which I rejected the walker till post-op. Forget about the walking stick. I was so embarrassed I didn’t want any devices and I only accepted them after surgery and Dr. Bostrom. I requested him give me crutches and he said you’re not a candidate for that I understand you don’t want people to know you had both your hips replaced, but you need that walker. I needed this doctor. He fell into place on my path of life for a reason.

I am a living testimony- he was confident about post-op results. The only concern was turning my foot back straight. With each surgery and step-by-step, I learned to walk again. Dr. Bostrom is a phenomenal, humble surgeon who put me back together and I can assure you I was on top of my game even as a cancer survivor and I arrived there crippled. He has performed a miracle with God‘s guidance. My feet are the same length. My foot was turned back straight. I don’t have 24/7 pain and I refuse pain management all the way - I would not take anything, Dr. Bostrom is humble and he knows what he’s doing. He needs to truly be acknowledged in his field. He gave me my legs back and some quality of life. Blessings to him and my entire team at HSS.

- Anna Russo from Jersey