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Anita Bhandari

Bridgewater, NJ
  • Anita Bhandari in the photo 1

Fracture on my mid foot

Foot Injury/Condition

I sustained a serious foot injury at home falling from a step stool in April 2015. I was initially diagnosed by the Urgent Care Center in Bound Brook, NJ as having a Lisfranc fracture and was asked to see an orthopedic physician after the weekend. I saw Dr. Thomas Nordstorm in Bridgewater NJ, who diagnosed my injury as a minor fracture which would heal with the foot a boot for three weeks. After three weeks when I returned hoping to get my boot off, I was told to my surprise that I had Lisfranc (and I thought urgent care had misdiagnosed) and the entire fracture had shifted and he was not sure who will be able to put those bones back together. He also told me that his wife did not do too well after a similar fracture and that I should see a specialist within their Summit Medical Group or someone who is an expert with foot injuries. After this appointment I was terrified as he left me with an impression that I would never be able to walk. I was taking it easy and was now alerted to start searching for best in foot care and found Hospital for Special Surgery rated as #1 in the country. I looked for physician reviews and participation with my insurance and found Dr. Drakos. After initial visit he advised me that I needed surgery and set my expectations that it will take 6 months to a Year to completely heal but I will start walking in 10-14 weeks after the procedure.

Dr. Drakos suggested the proper procedure that was required and advised me on the pros and cons of the procedure. I got into surgery within a week after the initial visit and Dr. Drakos was able to precisely fix my badly displaced bones. At 6 months after the procedure I am not walking too much, but I am able to walk enough to perform my daily chores, go to work and attend social outings. Dr. Drakos and staff had set that expectation so I do not get too worried when I limp or encounter pain/swelling after doing more than regular walking. Dr Drakos and staff had advised me during my visits that it will take one full year of healing and getting back to normal. Dr. Drakos has been compassionate to my injury, inability to walk and pain and is an excellent surgeon considering this injury is rare and in my case the bones were more than 5 mm displaced.

I would strongly recommend anyone to HSS and to Dr. Drakos who is need of attention from any type of foot or ankle injuries. HSS is the place to be when in need of supreme medical care.